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Meet Krista

It may come as a shock to you, but this brand and company started with a plant obsession and my knack for what can only be described as homicidal horticulture. I literally have the opposite of a green thumb and have killed more plants than cow farts. Aside from the obvious amazing pun, the name Wet My Plants Co. was tactfully chosen by moi as reminder that I'm legit the worst at some things, but the best at others (always be your biggest fan). 

Thank God for my great rack, witty sense of humor, and humble artistic talents. I'm also incredibly grateful for a boyfriend who happens to be the best plant Dad in the world, and won’t let anything die. Including yours truly.

Having moved to NYC from Long Island, 3 days prior to the pandemic lockdown of 2020, my creative energy was out of control. I began designing greeting cards to spread some love and positivity in a pretty tumultuous time. From there, my original concept has evolved into so much more! Card designs have grown into taking over homes with fine art prints and home decor to personal items. 

My hand drawn/painted designs 

come to life with an open heart, my hope for spreading the happy, tons of love, and limitless positivity. 

My hope is that you enjoy my artwork, as much I enjoy making it!

about our green-ness


we're always Growing like plants

As an eCommerce business, we strive to constantly implement more sustainable practices.


Going green is becoming increasingly important, and eCommerce brands like us have no other choice but to comply. As of 2020, 50% of online consumers say that environmental concerns impact their purchasing decisions. Green consumerism is not only a social movement, but is also a behavior and attitude of people aware of environment-related issues, who are also prepared to spend a little more money and steer towards brands that are more attentive to sustainability.


Our concern about reducing waste was a huge factor when we were developing our company’s business model. This is why we chose the eco-friendly practice of Print-On-Demand. We produce only what our customers need, nothing more, nothing less. Waste is virtually eliminated, and production processes are simplified. Print-on-demand is one of the most cost-effective and planet-friendly models out there.


We are always on the lookout for innovative business practices, incorporating a more environmentally conscious lifestyle to protect our planet and the conservation of natural resources.